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Newport News has been my home for the greater part of my life. It's where I met my wife, Allie, where I’ve started two businesses, and where we’ve chosen to raise our daughter, Larkin. I’m running because I believe in our community and want to make sure that it remains a place where people want to stay and raise their families.

An entrepreneur at heart, I believe that many of the tools used to start and grow a business can be applied to making government work for us. We stand to gain so much by working together to accomplish the goals we set out to achieve.  Through innovation and collaboration we can find ways to support schools, grow jobs, and strengthen our economy.

In my line of work I am often challenged to break the mold and find ways to turn nothing into something. In all of the opportunities I’ve pursued nothing has been achieved without teamwork and a cooperative spirit.  Understanding and listening to the viewpoints of others and getting outside of a vacuum allows us to accomplish so much more than choosing to go it alone. It is this collaborative approach I plan to bring to the House of Delegates.

In the coming weeks I will share some of my ideas and plans for how we can move forward in accomplishing goals to enhance our way of life in our community. But before I speak, it is a greater priority to listen, learn, and understand the issues that are important to you: what are we doing right, what can be improved, and – if necessary – what should be broken down and ultimately rebuilt. For now, please consider this as an invitation to have your voice heard. As a candidate for office, I am ultimately accountable to you. Working for you is my “why.”  I look forward to learning about yours.



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